This was the very first picture of the day.

I'd just arrived in the basement of the salon and introduced myself, and had a quick look around to size the place up and see what the light was like. I noticed the children playing with a pocket Nintendo on the floor in the middle of the room while all the hustle and bustle went on around them. I sat down next to them and shot a couple of frames of them concentrating on the game and then "bang" - the boy in the middle did the most amazing face-palm. I got two frames in quick succession and the moment was gone. There was no way to know that was going to happen and no way that you would ever be able to pose children like that. It was a genuine moment, frozen in time.

When I start a wedding day, I never know what I'm going to get, and that can be a bit stressful. I make a point of not setting up pictures and "going with the flow", but I still have to produce a great wedding album, and that means capturing enough of these moments throughout the day. Getting a great one in the bag early on was a good way to start.

(Canon 1D MkIV, 24/1.4, ISO1600)