Just because I shoot in a "fly on the wall" candid style doesn't mean I don't think carefully about composition. I'm always trying to make the most visually interesting picture out of a situation. Sometimes that means choosing an unusual or unexpected angle or viewpoint.

Here I decided to get right down low to the ground to photograph the bride arriving for the ceremony. I shot a few frames but this is the only one that works really well because of the position of all the people, the action in the legs and gestures, and the way the eye is led through the frame to the bride and her mum at the back.

Some people would say, "But you've cut off the bridesmaid's head!". Well, yes I have. But does it really matter? Everyone at the wedding knows who that is and knows what she looks like. Plus I've got lots of other pictures of her during the day. For me, this picture is about the bride arriving - the bridesmaids form the frame around her.