Wedding photography at Peterstone Court, Brecon

This picture was taken right at the very end of the day, after the dancing had been going for a bit and just before I was planning to leave for home.

I'd been shooting the dancing for a while and had some nice pictures of the first dance and family and friends on the dancefloor and then there was a quiet moment - most people had sat down and it was just Sian and her dad left. When the song finished they had a proper hug and I caught this lovely moment which is one of my favourite pictures from the whole day.

I normally use a bit of flash for the dancing shots, purely because it helps to keep the pictures sharp and clean up the quality of the light. But I also try to do some pictures with just the small amount of natural light from the DJs lighting and the room lights.

In this case there was very little light and the exposure for this picture was 1/100s at f1.8 with the camera set to ISO8000. Pretty dark and not the best conditions for perfect image files.

But the technical quality of the image is not as important as the moment. This picture is just about sharp and quite grainy, and the original colour version has a bad red colour cast.

But its still a good picture because of the moment.