Laura and Phil were married in the council chamber at Cardiff City Hall and had their reception across the road at the Park House Club - a lovely venue, but very dark from a photographer's point of view.

This is one of my favourites from the day, showing Phil having a "moment" with his mum towards the end of the meal.

Getting pictures like this means watching people carefully and being ready to take the picture if something happens. But you have to be careful to not be seen as staring or glaring at people! I'm often conscious of the fact that I've been standing, concentrating intensely on a particular person or group of people, but I have try to make sure I'm also aware of what else is going on around me.

Taking this documentary approach to wedding photography means that I'm always going to miss pictures. I can't be everywhere at once and I can't be watching everybody at once. Its about getting a well-rounded, interesting selection of pictures with which to make up the final album.