Folio Albums samples

After a lot of research and trials, I have finally decided to partner with Folio Albums and offer their range of superb quality albums to my wedding clients. I have very particular requirements when it comes to albums. I know what I like and I'm very picky about print quality, colour balance and consistency. Folio Albums give me all these qualities and more. They are hand-made and bound in the UK and the materials used are archival and environmentally sound - even down to their carbon-neutral shipping.

From their website ...

"Our paper is recycled or bought from sustainable sources wherever possible, and we use environmentally friendly packaging that protects your albums while keeping waste to a minimum.

Your album will be wrapped in a sleeve made from natural, unbleached cotton and then carefully placed in a sleek keepsake box made from recycled materials."

and ...

"We’ll make your album in the UK using as many local suppliers as we can to cut down the jet fuel used to bring it to you. Our pigment based printing process uses less toxic chemicals than traditional photographic prints and there is less waste.

Once your album is ready we’ll ship it to you using UPS’s carbon neutral service. Our website is also PAS 2060 certified carbon neutral."

The design is very simple and understated, putting the emphasis where it should be - on the photographs. The range also allows me to offer a variety of cover finishes and colours, as well as smaller "parent" copies of the main album.

See the "Albums" page for more details.