Reportage Wedding Photography at Priston Mill, Bath

Another mirror shot - but this one is a double reflection, the mirror which show's Liz's face is actually shown in another, larger mirror on the wall.

I read a blog post recently by another wedding photographer, showing a similar picture - a simple view of the bride getting ready with her face shown in a mirror. This is obviously very dependent on finding the right angle - one where you can see the reflection of the face, but not of the camera (or the photographer!) He made it clear that he had stopped things momentarily, adjusted the angle of the mirror for his shot and taken the picture. That's fine and its his approach, but not mine. Stopping people to get them in the right position for my benefit goes against the whole idea of reportage or photojournalistic photography.

I got this picture by finding it as it happened. If I hadn't been able to find that angle and I'd missed this particular picture, so be it. I'll always find plenty more to photograph, and I'm not constantly disrupting things to try and make them fit my preconceived ideas.