Wedding Photography at Huntsham Court, Devon

I'm a photographer living in the UK. That means I get to shoot pictures in the rain. A lot.

Its just one of those things you have to accept that you have no control over. It doesn't matter which month you plan your wedding for, there's always the chance that it won't be the perfect hot, sunny day you dreamt about.

But it doesn't have to spoil your wedding pictures.

If you book a photographer who is reliant on shooting lots of posed, beautifully lit, carefully arranged pictures, using the designated "photo opportunities" of the venue, then that photographer has a problem when the weather is bad. If you want that kind of photography then you need to make sure your chosen photographer can do it inside as well as outside.

Because I don't work like that, the weather doesn't really have any effect on the way | photograph a wedding. If it rains, then the pictures will show that. And everyone will spend most of the day indoors anyway, where I can shoot in my standard documentary style with no problem at all.

When people are outside, like in these pictures from Huntsham Court in Devon, the rain can sometimes add to the photography. Here the colourful umbrellas contrast nicely with the deep greens of the surrounding gardens.

There's no point trying to pretend that the weather was nice by avoiding showing it in the pictures. The whole point of the photography is to record the day as it was, and help you remember it for years to come.

So, if you're going to get stressed out about something, don't make it the weather - there's nothing you can do to change it!

Wedding photography at Huntsham Court, Devon