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Its All About The Emotions

Its All About The Emotions

Wedding photography at Cardiff City Hall

For me, wedding photography is all about capturing the real emotions of a wedding day. Its not about asking couples to pose and "look happy". Its about genuine moments. Moments which will become lasting memories.

Here are two from the same wedding day - two extremes of emotion, captured and recorded with no need for me to do anything other than be in the right place at the right time. No fancy technique or photoshop trickery - just awareness, positioning and timing.

Wedding photography at Bully's restaurant, Cardiff

Sometimes the Stars Align - Wedding Photography in Llandeilo

Documentary wedding photography in West Wales

My style of wedding photography relies entirely on capturing the things that happen, without arranging or interfering. This leaves me at the mercy of "real life" - if it doesn't happen then I can't photograph it. So its really satisfying when a picture like this just presents itself fully formed. This is the groom with his best man and ushers, perfectly arranged in the front door of the church as they welcome the guests. All I had to do was see it and position myself to make sure I could see everyone, then wait for a good set of smiley faces!

Documentary Wedding Photography - A Slideshow

Something a bit new from me - a slideshow of images from a recent wedding, set to music. I've been teaching myself Final Cut Pro X for another project I'm working on and this was my first attempt at a full slideshow. Its intentionally short and fast moving - a whole wedding in under 3 mins! I'd love to know what you think.

Documentary wedding photography at Huntsham Court, Devon

My Favourite Table Plan Picture - Documentary Wedding Photography at The Cawdor, Llandeilo

Documentary wedding photography at The Cawdor, Llandeilo

I usually try to take a picture of the table plan. Lots of couples put a lot of thought and effort into the table plan, so its worth trying to make a good picture out of it. This is by far my favourite table plan picture so far.

I was struggling to get a shot of guests looking at it and then I noticed the reflection might work. I photographed a couple of different guests and then this lady took up exactly the right position. The position of her head in the empty space, combined with the light jacket and blonde hair has made her stand out nicely in the reflection.

Its another example of putting the details of the wedding in context.