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Its All About The Emotions

Its All About The Emotions

Wedding photography at Cardiff City Hall

For me, wedding photography is all about capturing the real emotions of a wedding day. Its not about asking couples to pose and "look happy". Its about genuine moments. Moments which will become lasting memories.

Here are two from the same wedding day - two extremes of emotion, captured and recorded with no need for me to do anything other than be in the right place at the right time. No fancy technique or photoshop trickery - just awareness, positioning and timing.

Wedding photography at Bully's restaurant, Cardiff

Timing is Everything - Wedding Photography at Canada Lake, Cardiff

Documentary wedding photography at Canada Lodge, Cardiff

Some pictures only work if you get the timing right. A  split second before or after the moment and the picture fails. Even a fast motor drive on the camera can miss a moment like this. I think the girl did this three times and I got one carefully timed picture for each jump, but this is the best. I love the expression on her face.

Waiting Patiently - An Important Element of Documentary Wedding Photography

Documentary wedding photography at the Vale Hotel, Cardiff

I spend a lot of time waiting for things to happen. For this picture I spent around an hour following the groom and his "best men" around the golf course. Its surprisingly difficult to get good pictures of a group of men playing golf. Apart from the tee-off they don't spend much time next to each other, making it difficult to get a good picture of the whole group. Even at the tee its not easy to get a good combination of action, composition, and faces.

This is where patience becomes important. You've just got to stick with it and wait for the pictures to happen, as here, where the groom tees off and the four friends are all visible and paying attention.

Who Doesn't Love A Bouncy Castle?

Bouncy castles make for great pictures and this one was no exception. I've got some great, funny pictures of the bride and groom, and their guests bouncing around, falling over and generally having a good time. I like this shot too though, rather than being in close with a wide angle lens for an action shot, I stepped right back and shot it on a longer lens. This is the view that the guests up at the marquee had of the bouncy castle. It shows a bit more of the location. And its not an accident that, even though she's really small in the frame, your eye is drawn straight to the bride, as she steps on for another bounce.

Reportage Wedding Photography at the Newhouse Hotel, Cardiff