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Wedding photojournalism at De Courceys Manor, Cardiff

"Guest With A Camera"

I've heard that some photographers can get a bit annoyed at the number of guests with cameras at weddings, to the point that an acronym has even been invented for it. Seriously? What gives the photographer the right to get upset about something like that. Any guest at the wedding has every right to take their own pictures of the day. That's what people buy cameras for.

From my point of view, the guests are my subjects, so if they're taking pictures, then I take pictures of them taking pictures.

Its All In The Details

Documentary wedding photography at De Courceys Manor, Cardiff

Yes, I do shoot detail pictures.

One of the problems I see with wedding photography these days is the proliferation of detail pictures. You know the type - endless shots of rings, flowers, place settings, favours, shoes... the list goes on.

I think this is caused by two things. Firstly, taking the pictures is relatively easy. Inanimate objects don't move around by definition, so you can stand there and take 20 slightly different pictures of the wedding cake without a problem. You don't have to concern yourself with catching the shoes at just the right moment. Shoes don't emote.

The second reason is wedding blogs and magazines. The vast majority of wedding publications are about "stuff". Stuff you can buy. Stuff you can use at your own wedding. Inspirational stuff. So when blogs and magazines are looking for wedding photography to publish, they naturally turn to photographers that can give them pictures of stuff. Photographers want free publicity, so photographers shoot pictures of stuff.

I understand that couples want a record of their day, including all the little touches that they spent time and money choosing, but what makes weddings unique is the people.

So I shoot a few pictures of the stuff and lots of pictures of the people.