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Manual Focus?

Wedding Photojournalist in Wales

I really like this picture - I'm pretty sure that if I'd tried to take it with my autofocus Canon it would have struggled. I shot it with my Leica M9 and had no problem at all - I was able to pick out the exact point of focus and not worry about the strong backlight or the pattern of the veil confusing the camera.

Its difficult to explain to people why the Leica is so different to a "normal" camera, but I know that I take pictures with it that I wouldn't take with an SLR. Even though I use the cameras alongside one another, the Leica makes me "see" differently. I'm sure there are many photographers who would hate working with a manual rangefinder, but I love it and I think everyone should at least give one a go.

On another note, this is a perfect example of why auto-everything cameras only get you so far. An automatic exposure would have got this wrong - I wanted it all dark except that line of light down the side of the bride, so I chose the exposure that gave me that result, rather than leaving it to the camera.