The key word is unobtrusive.

If you’re looking for a photographer who’s going to boss you around all day, telling you where to stand and what to do, that’s not me.

If you would rather not have to think about the photography, but simply receive a collection of genuine, intimate, creative photography that captures your unique wedding day as it happens, then we're probably going to get on great!

I take a photojournalistic approach to capturing your wedding day. Staying out of the way, watching, anticipating, putting myself in the right place at the right time to capture the real moments which tell the story of your unique day.

If you want a few relaxed portraits then we can do this whenever you like - it usually only takes a few minutes. I also understand that most people want to get a few formal group shots, even if it is just for parents! We can do those too - I try to keep it to just a few smallish groups and it doesn't take long.

Everyone’s wedding is unique, but generally I arrive early to shoot the bride getting ready, and if possible, the groom getting ready too. Then I stay throughout the day, right up until the dancing in the evening.

Once the wedding is over, and you're sunning yourself on a beach somewhere exotic for a couple of weeks, I work on editing and processing your final images. This normally takes a couple of weeks - they're quite often ready when you get back from the honeymoon.

I also upload all your final images to your own private, password-protected website with a unique web address which you can share with family and friends anywhere in the world. From here you can share the images on Facebook or Twitter and order professional quality prints directly online.

Once you have received your images, you can choose the photographs for your album at your leisure. Personally, I think printed albums are the best way to present wedding photographs, and keep them safe for future generations, but there's no pressure to buy an album if you don't want one.

Your images will be supplied with a permission letter allowing you to take them into a photo lab and have your own prints made. They probably won’t be as good as the ones I can do for you, but I’m not interested in forcing you to buy every last print from me. Its entirely up to you.

Reportage Wedding Photography by Simon Ridgway