I obviously meet a lot of newly engaged couples to chat about their wedding and they often have horror stories about weddings they've been to as guests, or other photographers they've been to meet. Some of things I've heard are frankly astonishing!

So, here's a list of things that I WILL NOT DO as your wedding photographer. And yes, I've heard of all of this happening for real.

  1. I won't complain that you're running late with your preparations, causing you to burst into tears with stress.
  2. I won't insist that your guests can't take pictures.
  3. I won't tell you to alter your timetable for the day so that things are more convenient for me.
  4. I won't promise you your pictures in 2 weeks and then finally deliver them 2 months later.
  5. I won't post all your wedding photos on Facebook for the whole world to see before you've even had your DVD.
  6. I won't drink alcohol.
  7. I won't help myself to your guests' food.
  8. I won't expect to sit and eat with your guests at the wedding breakfast.
  9. I won't send out your wedding photos to all the other suppliers for them to use in their advertising.
  10. I won't send your wedding photos into the local newspaper for a bit of free publicity.
  11. I won't try to sell your wedding photos to a picture agency behind your back because you're well-known.
  12. I won't live-tweet or post instagram pictures from your wedding.
  13. I won't bring someone along to your wedding for work experience without asking you if its OK.
  14. I won't spend the day giving out my business cards to your guests and trying to book future weddings. 

I find it amazing that a professional photographer would consider any one of these things acceptable, but they've all happened at someone's wedding.

Anyone else got any horror stories about photographers with an "unusual" approach to wedding photography?